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Jul 29, 2019

Last week’s episode (177), I discussed how difficult it can be when feeling distressed, threatened, and reactive to engage in comfort with a significant other.

As one of my clients puts so well “Why would I want comfort from you, when you are they one that is causing me pain!”

Many of us did not get...

Jul 18, 2019

Discussed In This Episode:

  • During stress, ways we get it wrong when we try to comfort our partner.
  • How offering physical and emotional closeness is one of the most powerful ways to offer comfort.
  • Ways to provide physical closeness (i.e. hugging, holding, sitting close).
  • General ways to offer emotional closeness:

Jul 1, 2019

In This Episode, Dr. Keith Witt And Dr. Jessica Higgins Discuss:  

  • Understanding intersubjectivity – the unique space that exists between two people.
  • Recognizing the powerful impact and influence of our emotional states on each other in relationship.
  • Learning how to manage and shift out of reactive, defensive, and...