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Oct 27, 2016


Christiane Pelmas has been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 1993.

While most concerned with the connection between the human soul and the soul of The World, as inspired by the likes of Carl Jung, Marion Woodman, James Hillman and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, her work includes theory and practice from Ecopsychology, Somatics and Wilderness Therapy.

She works with couples and individuals at key threshold crossings, and enjoys the initiations which accompany acute life moments.


  • What you are expecting from your partner and your relationship? Do you want your partner and relationship to fulfill your every need?
  • There is so much pressure on couples to “do it all” within their nuclear family. It is almost impossible to expect the dyad to be and do everything alone (i.e. two careers, child rearing, house holding, wealth building, mind-blowing sex, etc.).
  • With the stress and expectations on our relationships to fulfilling our every need, we tend to blame and point the finger at our partner when we get let down or disappointed.
  • When we are in a vibrant community (an active, truth-telling community of women and men) we ask less unrealistic things from our intimate partners.
  • Just the right amount of unknown and just the right amount of uncertainty, within a foundation of security and mutual well-being, is necessary in order for us to maintain the dynamism in our partnerships.
  • Both men and women benefit greatly from friendships within their sisterhood or brotherhood communities. When these connections are honest, authentic, meaningful, they help us heal, feel nourished, and be resourced.
  • Intentionally creating healthy community is a form of activism.
  • Couples who are supported by community are much more resilient, playful, curious, respectful and healthy within their relationships.



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