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Jun 13, 2019

Guest David Emerald :

David Emerald Womeldorff is the Creator-in-Chief of the 3 Vital Questions® leadership frameworks proven to powerfully boost teamwork and productivity. Thousands of people and organizations have achieved breakthroughs by applying his self-leadership techniques and attending his seminars worldwide. David and his wife and business partner Donna Zajonc (sajon) MCC have developed the frameworks that form the basis of the engaging workplace fable, 3 Vital Questions:Transforming Workplace Drama.


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In this episode, Dr. Jessica Higgins and David Emerald discuss:  

  • Understanding the Drama Triangle and the three roles involved.
  • The distinction between victimization and victimhood.
  • Learning the Empowerment Dynamic and the three roles.
  • The opposite of a victim position is a creator position.
  • How telling a person that they are acting as a victim will trigger reactivity.  
  • Within the Drama Triangle, we focus on the problem.  Within the Empowerment Dynamic, the focus is on the desired outcome.  


Key Takeaways:  

  • The three roles in the Drama Triangle are victim, challenger, and rescuer.  
  • The antidote to the Drama Triangle roles is the Empowerment Dynamic roles, creator, persecutor, and helper.
  • It’s natural to look at a problem and try to solve the problem. When the intention and the focus on the issue, it can spin us into this very hopeless, not empowered, lack of control place.
  • The way we can escape the drama triangle is by shifting our focus to what we want to experience. For example,“What is it that we really want?”


"A problem is rarely ever solved from within the victim orientation." —  David Emerald  


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