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Nov 12, 2019

About Dr. Laura Dabney: Dr. Laura Dabney has been a psychiatrist in Virginia Beach, VA for almost twenty years and has treated patients in more than a dozen cities across Virginia. Her psychiatric expertise has been featured on radio, podcasts, websites and in print media. She received her MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School and has been Board Certified in Psychiatry. She has made a career of taking on psychiatry’s toughest challenges all while ensuring the absolute privacy of powerful, high-profile patients. 


(Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear explanations, stories and examples.) 


In this episode, Dr. Laura Dabney and Dr. Jessica Higgins discuss: 

  • How difficult it can be to identify our emotions. 
  • How we make our emotions the enemy. 
  • The three top emotions that we have trouble with. 
  • How to change a destructive relationship pattern. 
  • A template for expressing our emotions. 
  • How to not accept any inappropriate behavior from your partner. 
  • How to encourage change in your partner. 
  • How to repair grief from past injury. 

"If you change the pattern, the pattern has changed. You don’t need two people in the room to change the pattern." —  Dr. Laura Dabney
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