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Dec 24, 2019

About Robert MacNaughton: Robert MacNaughton is an executive leadership coach and facilitator who teaches about how to skillfully reconcile seemingly contradictory world-views in relationships, organization, and culture. Robert is an authority in the fields of Integral business, behavioral development, and experiential education. Robert focuses on supporting leaders with execution strategies, designing work culture, and navigating interpersonal conflict both personally and professionally. 

Robert founded The Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado in association with renowned philosopher Ken Wilber. As its CEO, Robert managed five profit centers and supervised over 100 contractors, teachers, facilitators, and community leaders in over 25 cities globally


(Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear explanations, stories and examples.)


In this episode, Robert MacNaughton and Dr. Jessica Higgins discuss:

  • The difference between relating and relationship.
  • What integral theory is and how it relates in our lives and our relationships.
  • The line of development that can be traced in our lives.
  • Cultivating tools for your communication toolbox.
  • The art and science of setting context.
  • How partners experience conflict at different stages.
  • Negotiating relationship between partners at different stages.


"Be on the lookout for your canaries in the coal mine." —  Robert MacNaughton



Twitter: @rmacnaughton


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