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Mar 2, 2021

  • In today’s episode, I’m joined by Diana Richardson, who talks about the practice of conscience lovemaking. She speaks from the perspective of a heterosexual connection and notes that couples of any gender orientation can adapt these same practices and principles in their love life.

    She talks about why you shouldn’t focus solely on the peak moments while lovemaking, the psychological and physical tension while having sex, and performance pressure. Rather, Diana explains the concept of feeling your body from the inside and connecting with your significant other with attention to the awareness of the subtleties.

    Listen in to learn how Diana teaches couples to anchor themselves inside their own bodies, why we have lost the capacity to sense our bodies, and why the details of our feelings get lost in the search for bigger, more intense physical and emotional feelings.

    (Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear explanations, stories, and examples.)


    Diana Richardson, born in South Africa, is one of today’s leading authorities on human sexuality. Author of 8 books, including best selling “Tantric Sex for Men”, “The Heart of Tantric Sex” and “Tantric Orgasm for Women”. Her interest in the body prompted a personal exploration into the union of sex and meditation - the essence of Tantra. Since 1993, she and her partner host weeklong retreats for couples in tantric lovemaking in Europe.

    In this episode, Diana Richardson and Dr. Jessica Higgins discuss: 

    • Why conscience lovemaking supports all couples who make love
    • Differences between conventional lovemaking and conscious lovemaking
    • How to be more present during lovemaking rather than being overly caught up in mental activity, especially about reaching a goal or certain perfomance
    • How using intensity to build up the energy can actually compress sexual intimacy
    • Why women need more warming up before sex
    • The process of anchoring inside your own body
    • Why it's important to re-evaluate and connect with your body
    • How you can extend your love bond for days by not peaking during sex
    • How to have more incredible experiences when you are connected with yourself and your significant other


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