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Jun 15, 2021

New parents cannot truly prepare for the profound changes a baby brings. Catherine O’Brien, Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, and founder of shares tips to keep your relationship strong despite the very real challenges of raising kids.

One of the most common changes new parents experience is the disconnect that brews between them due to the demands of the baby. The secret to overcoming this and even strengthening your relationship is by honestly communicating what your needs are and validating each other when parenting is done right.

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In this episode: 

05:31 Introduction to Catherine O'Brien

06:25 Prenatal classes to prepare for your first child are important but having a baby brings unforeseen consequences, such as creating a disconnect with your partner.

11:18 Each parent feels like they are doing all the work. Postpartum communication is critical to share the load and make sure you and your partner know what tasks need to be done and by whom.

14:29 Communication also strengthens your connection with your partner. This connection can fade given the enormous number of tasks needed to raise a child.

19:00 Take stock of your own needs first then see how you can be there for your partner next. This way, you can both bond with your baby in a meaningful way.

22:49 It's normal to not enjoy every moment of being a parent. Acknowledging and validating each other is important to keep your love alive and foster positive growth as parents.

25:14 Having a united front and handling unwanted parenting advice.

31:47 Catherine's baby-friendly tips for self-care and reigniting your relationship.

39:46 How to get in touch with Catherine and her Facebook group.


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