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Nov 9, 2021

The overarching reason couples seek help in relationships is to rejuvenate their connection and learn the skills to ensure the spark doesn't go out in the long term.

Alicia and Erwan join me today to share their road map to creating and sustaining a thriving relationship life. They share the three key relationship stages and dive into why couples in long-term relationships should understand the benefits of maintaining early-stage skills, such as flirting, in the later stages of a committed relationship so it can thrive.

Erwan and Alicia Davon have 25+ years of experience teaching singles and couples how to have exceptional romantic relationships while growing personally and spiritually. Their unique approach to relationship coaching combines their educational backgrounds in psychology with aspects of Zen Buddhism, providing a holistic method, improving connections with the self and others. They help singles have passionate and successful intimate relationships and guide couples to take their relationships to new heights of passion and intimacy.

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In this episode:

09:21 Alicia and Erwan discuss how they developed their relationship stages and how they identified and grew through them in their relationship

14:30 How to get back the juicy passionate chemistry of earlier relationship stages and why micro gestures are gold

16:06 What a relationship blueprint is, why it is carried throughout life, and how you can discover what your blueprint is

20:43 Relationships don’t happen to us, rather they happen through us — why being intentional about how we design our relationship allows us to show up and be committed to our relationship

21:35 Alicia and Erwan’s names for the stages in a long term relationship and how to make progress through those natural stages mindful

30:20 The skills that we need to acquire before moving to the next relationship stage, and Erwan’s tips for managing the challenges of each stage

36:00 Four practices that Alicia and Erwan recommend people do every day, including spiritual and sensual practice


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