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Nov 16, 2021

Friction and differences are breeding grounds for real conflicts, especially for couples. Because of one's environment, upbringing, situation, and other factors, we develop different personalities which can all contribute to our reactive patterns and biases.

Personality is such a complex psychological concept but what if we can bring understanding to what’s going on? See where these perspectives are coming from? That would be a real game-changer!

Beatrice Chestnut, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist coach and business consultant based in San Francisco, and Uranio Paes, MBA is a world-renowned Enneagram teacher and business consultant. They are the founders of Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy and the hosts of the Enneagram 2.0 Podcast.

They are also the authors of the forthcoming book, The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up: Find Your Path, Face Your Shadow, Discover Your True Self.

In their work around the world, Beatrice and Urano focus on using the Enneagram as a tool for personal and professional transformation.

In this episode, they briefly talk about the nine personality types in the Enneagram, the habitual patterns around these types, and essentially how this can be a powerful tool in improving relationships.

Check out the transcript to this episode in Dr. Jessica Higgin's website.

In this episode:

5:59 What’s the Enneagram and what makes it so powerful

9:28 How the Enneagram can help with our relationships and how we interact with other personality types

10:37 Why it’s recommended to get explicit and talk about it in couplehood

14:19 An overview of the nine types

33:35 Finding your type

42:25 About Enneagram Academy and other professional workshops they offer


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