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Jul 26, 2022

A strong relationship requires human connection. Ironically, though, when you seek connection from a place of scarcity, the universe tends to take it away from you. Enrique Delgadillo asserts that the only way to get it is to first find the connection within yourself.

In this episode, Enrique discusses how our thoughts manifest in different areas of our lives. As the law of attraction suggests, where the focus goes, energy flows. We'll take a deep dive into 5D consciousness and discuss how you can change your mindset and apply it to strengthen your relationships.

Enrique is a world-leading specialist in transcendental psychology and is the founder and CEO of Vive Incredible, with a mission to awaken mankind’s ability to live in complete abundance and wealth, beginning from our inner world of thoughts.

With over 100 million views on YouTube and 4 million followers across his social platforms, he aims to elevate the consciousness and wealth of individuals by understanding their unique frequency value, or “Secret Sauce,” that helps them play a bigger game in life and feel more fulfilled as they continue to evolve.

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In this episode

5:26 Enrique's incredibly difficult journey of self-evolution.

12:47 Recognizing 5D consciousness or energy and how to use it to determine what you truly need from a romantic partner or relationship.

16:12 Shifting one's perspective to 5D consciousness.

22:18 Distinctions between the need that comes from lack versus preferring those things as experience.

31:21 Various approaches to reaching your higher self.

38:06 Cultivating connection from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.

42:41 Understanding the three levels of connection.

47:51 Words of wisdom.


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