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Aug 16, 2022

Marriage entails a commitment to support one another through both good and bad times. The traditional vow goes along the lines of, "For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part," which means the couple stays together no matter what.

The truth is that most couples hope for a bright future and a long-lasting romantic relationship, but they don't expect or prepare to go through the worse and sickness parts. In reality, it’s not always convenient and easy. The hormones and attraction wear off, and other problems arise.

In this episode, Dr. George and Vanessa Naum sit down and talk about some significant topics that every couple should consider before getting married; how health issues can affect the relationship; and some doable steps couples can take to strengthen their relationship.

Best Friends Again is a physician marriage coaching company helping physicians and healthcare professionals reignite their marriage through a customized approach based on the unique needs of physician and healthcare professional families.

Dr. George and Vanessa Naum’s own battle-tested physician marriage, generational physician family heritage, and expertise from coaching hundreds of marriages off the ledge have paved the way for their revolutionary program: 90 Days to Clarity and Connection, a blueprint for guiding healers in healing their own relationships, saving their families, and enjoying their careers. They believe that you really can have it all.

Check out the transcript of this episode on Dr. Jessica Higgin's website.

In this episode

6:30 What Dr. George and Vanessa Naum learned from their own experiences and the inspiration behind their desire to help other couples.

12:37 Things that are significant but rarely discussed before getting married.

34:24 Compassionate intuition as an important ingredient in a healthy marriage.

38:33 How acceptance and suppression of emotions affect a relationship and how Dr. George and Vanessa help couples deal with it. 

42:39 The 4 R’s of a committed relationship.

45:36 How health issues can affect relationships.

50:13 Programs and resources for cultivating healthy relationships.


What's Forever For? A Physician's Guide to Everlasting Love and Success in Marriage (FREE chapter of Dr. Jeep’s book)

Relationship Map To Happy, Lasting Love

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