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Nov 15, 2022

Most modern people are unaware of the extent to which the human nervous system is dissociated because there are so many forces—technology, social media, politics, and a whole host of other things—vying for our attention.

In this episode, Gabriel Kram talks about how these dissociative tendencies are becoming more prevalent in modern culture and how authority has robbed us of our sacred connection to the earth. Gabriel emphasizes the value of real human connection to one's overall well-being and shares their unconventional strategy to reestablish this connection.

Natureza Gabriel is a connection phenomenologist. For 25 years, he has studied connection and what gets in its way. He attended Yale and Stanford universities but has been shaped more by sitting in teepees and circles than in classrooms. He has been blessed with many remarkable mentors. He is the founder and CEO of Hearth Science, Inc., convener of the Restorative Practices Alliance, and co-founder of the Academy of Applied Social Medicine.

Check out the transcript of this episode on Dr. Jessica Higgin's website.

In this episode

5:55 Gabriel's personal healing journey that inspired him to specialize in connection phenomenology.

11:29 Gabriel defines relatedness.

15:29 Differences between how indigenous people and Western culture conceptualize intelligence.

21:21 How dissociative tendencies are being normalized in modern society.

23:46 How our relatedness to the earth has been obliterated from our language.

39:45 How interoception can improve general wellbeing.

46:40 Gabriel defines social engagement physiology as a physical system.

54:06 A diagnostic and intervention system they’ve built to strengthen access to the hearts, intuition, and relatedness.


Restorative Practices of Wellbeing (Connection Phenomenology) (*Amazon Affiliate link) (book)

The Polyvagal Theory

Relationship Map To Happy, Lasting Love

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