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Dec 6, 2022

Childhood, environment, culture, religion, and background all have an impact on who we become and how we perceive ourselves. These factors also influence how we present ourselves in relationships.

Most relationships start out with the lovely phase of courting and falling in love. Up until differences arise, everything seems to be perfect. These differences can be significant life choices like having children, purchasing a home, moving to a different country or city, or even something as basic as eating habits. Dealing with cross-cultural differences makes this even more challenging.

Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan discusses the typical issues that couples from various cultures encounter. She acknowledges that some sacrifices are necessary for the relationships to work, but she also expresses caution, saying that some sacrifices are not worthwhile.

In this episode, she discusses how to resolve disagreements with your partner or get yourself ready for a successful relationship with someone from a different background.

Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan is a practicing therapist specializing in the areas of dating, relationships, and cross-cultural topics. Her practice focuses on working with individuals and couples on love, dating, and relationship issues, with an emphasis on building deeper intimacy, connection, and authenticity in their love lives. Outside of her private practice, Kathrine is a speaker, consultant, and lecturer in psychology. She holds a Ph.D. in social psychology and a Master's in counseling psychology.

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In this episode

5:31 Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan’s keen interest in understanding cultural dynamics.

11:34 How overcoming struggles fosters relationships and individual growth.

13:50 Defining the problem before solving it.

17:38 Typical issues that cross-cultural couples face.

20:04 The importance of curiosity in a healthy relationship.

26:33 How to handle cultural differences in relationships.

36:29 Cultural identity is dynamic rather than static.

48:42 How to connect with Kathrine.


Relationship Map To Happy, Lasting Love

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