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Apr 25, 2023

Developing secure attachment skills in a relationship is crucial for creating a strong and lasting bond with your partner. In this fast-paced world, it can be easy to neglect your relationship and fail to prioritize the emotional safety that comes with a secure attachment. However, neglecting your relationship can have long-term consequences and negatively impact both you and your partner.

In this episode, Dr. Jessica Higgins, EJ, and Tarah Kerwin discuss the skills needed to develop secure attachments in relationships. They provide actionable steps to help you strengthen your attachment style and create a more loving and fulfilling partnership.

Whether you're single, dating, or in a long-term relationship, listen to this episode to discover how you can develop secure attachment skills in your relationships.

EJ and Tarah Kerwin are the hosts of The Relationship Renovation Podcast. They are two licensed therapists, a married couple raising a blended family with four children, and owners of a couples counseling center in Tucson, AZ. They have created a couples counseling program that has supported thousands of couples in creating more secure, loving, and intimate relationships.

Check out the transcript of this episode on Dr. Jessica Higgin's website.

In this episode

6:31 The birth of the couples counseling center.

11:43 Creating emotional safety and support: Understanding secure attachment in couples therapy.

17:07 Recognizing negative core beliefs and learning from conflict.

23:33 Creating emotional safety in heterosexual relationships: Understanding triggers, developing compassion, and managing conflict.

27:56 Improving relationships through self-reflection and shared responsibility.

34:30 The importance of holding hope and creating a secure, loving, and more deeply intimate connection with one's partner.

39:15 Building safe and strong relationships through somatic work.


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