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Dec 12, 2023

Embarking on a journey of profound spiritual exploration, particularly through plant medicine, can be a transformative endeavor. However, with the promise of self-discovery comes the responsibility of navigating these realms with caution.

In this episode, we delve into the potential pitfalls of venturing into the depths of spiritual work, offering cautionary insights to those considering or already immersed in plant medicine journeys. A wealth of knowledge and experiences are brought to light, highlighting the risks linked to inexperienced facilitators and emphasizing the significance of traditional shamanic practices. Offering practical tips for a safer and more intentional approach, this episode aims to empower listeners on their spiritual quests, fostering a sense of awareness and responsibility in the pursuit of profound personal growth.

Megan and Nicole Michelena are Microdosing Institute-certified mental health experts specializing in psychedelic medicine. They are known as the @zenchronicity_sisters and are the co-founders of Zenchronicity, a plant medicine microdosing mentorship program that supports healing through psilocybin mushrooms. Megan is also a certified holistic nutritionist and health coach, and both are trauma-informed yoga teachers and experts in psychedelic medicine. They are also precious stone jewelry makers and crystal experts, and Megan is a gifted astrologer.

Check out the transcript of this episode on Dr. Jessica Higgin's website.

In this episode

6:07 Navigating the terrain of plant medicine: Insights and considerations with Dr. Jessica Higgins.

12:55 Journey to mastery: The zen chronicity sisters on plant medicine, healing, and self-discovery.

18:51 Nicole’s perspective on plant medicine and the inner journey to transformation.

29:29 Navigating microdosing and plant medicine with Zen Chronicity.

39:38 How psilocybin softens neuroplasticity and transforms consciousness.

43:40 Balancing energies: Navigating the dance of masculine and feminine in psychedelic healing.

55:52 Integrating plant medicine with traditional shamanic wisdom.

1:08:03 Practical tips for safe and transformative plant medicine experiences.


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