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Dec 13, 2018


Martin Ucik is a German born entrepreneur who trained with Eckhart Tolle as a Power Of Now group facilitator and founded, an Association for Healthy Relationships. His studies of Ken Wilber’s Integral Model allowed him to integrate his personal experiences as a divorced father and the wisdom from over 200 relationship books into Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men which Ken Wilber calls “a terrific book!” and his new book Sex Purpose Love.

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First listener’s question:
“I stumbled upon your podcast on Spotify and since then have found great value in it with my current relationship of 1.5 years. If possible I have some questions/topic that I would love to hear you cover. …

One relationship question/topic that is a big stressor in my relationship is:

My boyfriend is a police officer and in the National Guard. His jobs have really changed him like how he judges people really quickly and so on. Have you ever covered a topic similar to this?”

Second listener’s question:
“My worry is that I’ve grown and matured in my thinking over the past couple months and that my boyfriend and I won’t be on the same page. I tend to overthink and my boyfriend tries to simplify things, so oftentimes we balance each other out. However there are times when I think I’m maturing a lot faster than him and it sort of creates a mental gap between us. I’m not sure if that’s because we’re not compatible or if there’s a better way to communicate.”


  • Lines of development
  • 5 stages of spiritual development
  • 8 stages of consciousness
  • 4 quadrants
  • Personality matrix

Developmental Lines for Relationship, based on Martin Ucik’s approach:

  • Emotional availability
  • Consciousness development
  • Sexual development
  • Spiritual development
  • Anima/animus


How we see the world and how we communicate.

  1. Survival
  2. Magical thinking
  3. Ego centric
  4. Mythic
  5. Rational
  6. Pluralistic
  7. Integral
  8. Transpersonal

“Experience without theory is blind but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” by Immanuel Kant

How partners meet each other matters.

In the past, partners would meet each other in places where they were likely to have similar perspectives, beliefs, and world views, like college, church, and interest based groups. It was more likely that partners would be at similar stages of consciousness. Whereas today, partners are meeting each other online and are more likely to be at different stages of consciousness, which poses great difficulty for couples.

How do you determine what stage of development as person is in?

  • Listen to what really matters to them.

What do you recommend for a couple that is dealing with being at different stages of development? 

  • Talk about your experience.
  • Look at the stages of consciousness together.
  • Be gentle in your approach with one another.
  • Invite an openness and a willingness to explore.
  • Sometimes, people will not be ready or willing to grow and develop.



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